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Special Needs Dental Patients

In addition to our general practice, Dr. Moss has found that Sedation Dentistry is important to patients with special needs. Sedation techniques are often needed for patients with Autism, Alzheimer's disease, Down's Syndrome, head injuries, Parkinson's disease, Cerebral Palsy, and mental disabilities. Without sedation, many of these patients would not be able to sit through even the most routine dental visit.

Dr. Moss has set aside special appointment days for patients with special needs. We have experience providing care to patients with unique dental needs. We have developed a very flexible and accommodating environment to be able to provide high-quality dental care for individual situations.

We provide the optimum care in a calm private setting, with extra time and attention for those who require it.







We offer special dental care for those with special needs.

Special care
We offer special care for those with special needs.